(dp0 S'buildDestination' p1 VC:\u005cUsers\u005cErik\u005cDropbox\u005cspil\u005cThe Hound text-adventure\u005cThe_Hound.html p2 sS'saveDestination' p3 S'C:\\Users\\Erik\\Dropbox\\spil\\The Hound text-adventure\\The Hound Projectfile.tws' p4 sS'target' p5 S'sugarcane' p6 sS'storyPanel' p7 (dp8 S'widgets' p9 (lp10 (dp11 S'selected' p12 I00 sS'pos' p13 (lp14 F599.65274847761384 aF57.554285367807296 asS'passage' p15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p16 (dp17 S'text' p18 V \u000aEarlier me and St. John had desecrated a grave, and robbed it of an ancient jade amulet symbolizing some sort of winged hound. At first we thought nothing of it except for the amusement it caused us to joke about its satanic abilities, yet as time progressed we came to realize the amulet held an ancient curse revolving around the figurine of the winged hound. We were haunted by this beast of the night, only through sounds, eerie shadows and silhouettes... up until now. \u000a \u000aA little while ago I heard St. John\u2019s scream from the forests, I rushed to check on him only to find his mangled corpse lying on the side of the road with the only signs of his killer being large paw prints in the dirt. Now the beast is coming for me, and I fear it may be at its most vile and furious when the clock strikes midnight. \u000a \u000aMy only chance now is to find a way to fight the monster, but I must use the magic which was used to summon it, lest I wish to be devoured in a futile attempt to kill it. \u000a \u000a* [[Outside|outside]] \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a <> \u000a <> \u000a <> \u000a <> \u000a //You have 3-hours left// \u000a<> p19 sS'tags' p20 (lp21 sS'created' p22 ctime struct_time p23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I37 I12 I1 I246 I1 tp24 (dp25 tp26 Rp27 sS'modified' p28 g27 sS'title' p29 VStart p30 sbsa(dp31 g12 I00 sg13 (lp32 F620.68585344956205 aF708.22873675175163 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p33 (dp34 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a


\u000aThe fouled old walls in this foyer stands tall and bare. Only decorated with a deteriorated brass rack and a painting of the family that formerly resided in the mansion, just before St. John and I bought the place. Its vast empty spaces only amplifies the creepy light from the moon, that shines through the large old windows next to the door. The foyer\u2019s a gateway to the different parts of the house, there are two doors from here on and at the rearmost of the foyer the stairs leads to the parlour upstairs. \u000a \u000a* [[Study|study]] \u000a* [[Dininghall|dining]] \u000a* [[Stairs (up)|livingroom]] \u000a* [[Outside|outside]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p35 sg20 (lp36 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I37 I39 I1 I246 I1 tp37 (dp38 tp39 Rp40 sg28 g40 sg29 Ventrance p41 sbsa(dp42 g12 I00 sg13 (lp43 F256.10054435495709 aF1020.8803469802534 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p44 (dp45 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a


\u000aMe and St. John used a lot of time in here, we used to sit in the [[armchairs]] in front of the [[fireplace]] and study our [[books]]. No time to read those right now. \u000a \u000a* [[Library|library]] \u000a* [[Entrance|entrance]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p46 sg20 (lp47 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I38 I36 I1 I246 I1 tp48 (dp49 tp50 Rp51 sg28 g51 sg29 Vstudy p52 sbsa(dp53 g12 I00 sg13 (lp54 F472.73618494251718 aF1196.1053163591985 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p55 (dp56 g18 V<> \u000a//

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// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a


\u000aThe grand library is decorated from top to toe with bookcases and books, nothing too interesting in here except for an [[old door|olddoor]] leading to our secret basement. The room itself was not even half filled with books and bookcases when St. John and I moved in, but our mutual interest in both books and the occult made it an easy task for us. \u000a* [[Secret door to the "museum"|cellar]] \u000a* [[Study|study]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p57 sg20 (lp58 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I38 I54 I1 I246 I1 tp59 (dp60 tp61 Rp62 sg28 g62 sg29 Vlibrary p63 sbsa(dp64 g12 I00 sg13 (lp65 F276.45705196182428 aF1412.0917285259809 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p66 (dp67 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a

Cellar "The Museum"

\u000a<> \u000aMine and St. John\u2019s morbid museum of the various trophies we have found throughout our short career as grave robbers, there are all sorts of useless things down here, ranging from [[skulls]] of famous noble men to [[jars with heads]]submerged and preserved in various dissolutions. \u000a<> \u000aMine and St. John\u2019s morbid museum of the various trophies we have found throughout our short career as grave robbers, there are all sorts of useless things down here, ranging from [[skulls]] of famous noble men to [[jars with heads]] submerged and preserved in various dissolutions. Some things though are more interesting than others, for example our collection of books from graves one of them titled [[The Necronomicon|necronomicon]] seems to be bound in skin of some kind. \u000a<> \u000a* [[Stairs back to the Library|library]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p68 sg20 (lp69 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I39 I33 I1 I246 I1 tp70 (dp71 tp72 Rp73 sg28 g73 sg29 Vcellar p74 sbsa(dp75 g12 I00 sg13 (lp76 F370.71678942695041 aF279.0946845036753 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p77 (dp78 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a

The Dining Hall

\u000a<> \u000aA large room designed for dinner parties with large amounts of guests as well as servants, since St. John and I never used it everything in here has become covered in dust and cobweb, making the large room feel terribly lonely to be in. Only some wall decorations and a large [[table]] fills this lonely room. \u000a* [[The kitchen|kitchen]] \u000a* [[Servants Quarters|servant]] \u000a* [[Entrance|entrance]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p79 sg20 (lp80 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I39 I46 I1 I246 I1 tp81 (dp82 tp83 Rp84 sg28 g84 sg29 Vdining p85 sbsa(dp86 g12 I00 sg13 (lp87 F224.13920017279696 aF113.42801783700848 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p88 (dp89 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a


\u000aOur kitchen, not a lot of useful stuff in here besides the utensils for making food, but it was always St. john who cooked I could never figure out the fine art of making great meals, that kinda makes everything in here useless to me. \u000a* [[Servents Quarters|servant]] \u000a* [[Dining hall|dining]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p90 sg20 (lp91 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I40 I30 I1 I246 I1 tp92 (dp93 tp94 Rp95 sg28 g95 sg29 Vkitchen p96 sbsa(dp97 g12 I00 sg13 (lp98 F166.33333333333331 aF479.66666666666669 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p99 (dp100 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a

Servants Quaters

\u000aThese quarters are made to house a number of servants, but as St. John and I never had any servants these rooms were never used let alone filled with furniture, which means they lay bare as the day we moved in only [[dust]] and a few [[rats]] resides here now. \u000a \u000a* [[Dining hall|dining]] \u000a* [[Kitchen|kitchen]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p101 sg20 (lp102 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I40 I57 I1 I246 I1 tp103 (dp104 tp105 Rp106 sg28 g106 sg29 Vservant p107 sbsa(dp108 g12 I00 sg13 (lp109 F915.20408061066973 aF862.21957243430631 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p110 (dp111 g18 V<> \u000a//

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// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a

The Parlour

\u000aThe Parlour is mostly empty since we didn\u2019t use the second floor for much else than sleeping, a [[sofa]], some [[chairs]] and a couple of [[tables]] is all that fills this room. It now only stands sad and unused since St. John and I moved in here. \u000a \u000a* [[Hallway|hallway]] \u000a* [[Stairs (down)|entrance]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> \u000a p112 sg20 (lp113 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I41 I40 I1 I246 I1 tp114 (dp115 tp116 Rp117 sg28 g117 sg29 Vlivingroom p118 sbsa(dp119 g12 I00 sg13 (lp120 F1109.4368656123886 aF1083.8405992217793 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p121 (dp122 g18 V<> \u000a//

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// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a


\u000aAn empty hallway with nothing more than two doors leading to mine and St. john\u2019s rooms and an old [[painting]] over a [[cabinet]] in the middle of the hallway. The old family left a used carpet in the hallway, but we had to remove it as it had become rotten, the family must really have been in financial crises. \u000a* [[Parlour|livingroom]] \u000a* [[St. John's room|john]] \u000a* [[My room|myroom]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p123 sg20 (lp124 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I41 I56 I1 I246 I1 tp125 (dp126 tp127 Rp128 sg28 g128 sg29 Vhallway p129 sbsa(dp130 g12 I00 sg13 (lp131 F1465.3039191382222 aF1400.9193476156806 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p132 (dp133 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a

St. John's room

\u000a \u000aMy now deceased housemates room, it has a [[window to the forest|forestwindow]] to the right and a bed across from that, in the middle is a [[small table]] with a single [[chair]] next to it<>, only thing on it is the [[jade amulet]]<>. St. John always did like to have order in all his things, he obviously always kept a neat and tidy room. \u000a* [[Back|hallway]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p134 sg20 (lp135 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I42 I17 I1 I246 I1 tp136 (dp137 tp138 Rp139 sg28 g139 sg29 Vjohn p140 sbsa(dp141 g12 I00 sg13 (lp142 F907.80523266676335 aF1367.0693438073265 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p143 (dp144 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a

My room

\u000a<> \u000aIn here is where I sleep there are a few personal effects scattered around the room, other than these items there is an old [[bed]], next to that is a nightstand with a [[candlestick]] on it, the two last notable things in my room is the [[window to the backyard|backyardwindow]] and the [[dresser]] next to it. \u000a* [[Back to the hallway|hallway]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p145 sg20 (lp146 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I42 I35 I1 I246 I1 tp147 (dp148 tp149 Rp150 sg28 g150 sg29 Vmyroom p151 sbsa(dp152 g12 I00 sg13 (lp153 F876.52616302804415 aF237.55457304029613 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p154 (dp155 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a \u000a


\u000aThe outside of the [[mansion]], it\u2019s surrounded by a forest of dead oak trees. A lone road runs from the [[woods]] up to the mansion and branches out into a small path around the house to the backyard. <>On the mansions roof sits a lone [[raven]] and caws.<> \u000a \u000a* [[Backyard|backyard]] \u000a* [[Graveyard|graveyard]] \u000a* [[Entrance|entrance]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p156 sg20 (lp157 Voutside p158 asg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I45 I52 I1 I246 I1 tp159 (dp160 tp161 Rp162 sg28 g162 sg29 Voutside p163 sbsa(dp164 g12 I00 sg13 (lp165 F1453.3833371767291 aF713.30279674937015 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p166 (dp167 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a


\u000a<> \u000aThe backyard looks gloomy in the moonlight, there isn\u2019t much back here except for some thorny and sinister looking [[bushes]] and a path to the grave we found the amulet in. \u000a<> \u000aThe backyard looks gloomy in the moonlight, there isn\u2019t much back here except for a [[shovel]], some thorny and sinister looking [[bushes]] and a path to the grave we found the amulet in. \u000a<> \u000a \u000a* [[Graveyard|graveyard]] \u000a* [[Outside|outside]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p168 sg20 (lp169 Voutside p170 asg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I46 I34 I1 I246 I1 tp171 (dp172 tp173 Rp174 sg28 g174 sg29 Vbackyard p175 sbsa(dp176 g12 I00 sg13 (lp177 F1295.6418483029938 aF423.48762756905717 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p178 (dp179 g18 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a


\u000aI won\u2019t go any further, if I do I\u2019ll enter the forest where [[the beast|beast]] resides and it would kill me instantly. The only thing back here is the old [[grave]] me and St. John desecrated. \u000a* [[Backyard|backyard]] \u000a* [[Outside|outside]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p180 sg20 (lp181 Voutside p182 asg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I46 I37 I1 I246 I1 tp183 (dp184 tp185 Rp186 sg28 g186 sg29 Vgraveyard p187 sbsa(dp188 g12 I00 sg13 (lp189 F1794.0044786884353 aF91.573012791214765 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p190 (dp191 g18 VThe Hound \u000a p192 sg20 (lp193 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I52 I5 I1 I246 I1 tp194 (dp195 tp196 Rp197 sg28 g197 sg29 VStoryTitle p198 sbsa(dp199 g12 I01 sg13 (lp200 F1916.0044786884343 aF91.573012791214765 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p201 (dp202 g18 Vby Emil Husted LegÍne & Erik HÝyrup JÝrgensen \u000aInspired by H. P. Lovecraft \u000aPaintings from Goya \u000aIllustrations by Erik H.J. p203 sg20 (lp204 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I11 I52 I18 I1 I246 I1 tp205 (dp206 tp207 Rp208 sg28 g208 sg29 VStoryAuthor p209 sbsa(dp210 g12 I00 sg13 (lp211 F2038.0044786884337 aF90.573012791214765 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p212 (dp213 g18 Vh1 { \u000a color: #B22; \u000a} \u000a#passages { \u000a max-width: 500px; \u000a} p214 sg20 (lp215 Vstylesheet p216 asg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I13 I15 I57 I1 I246 I1 tp217 (dp218 tp219 Rp220 sg28 g220 sg29 VStyle p221 sbsa(dp222 g12 I00 sg13 (lp223 F357.77581742205103 aF704.94782973603571 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p224 (dp225 g18 V \u000a

The Hound

\u000aAs the hour enters midnight you hear the bellowing of the hound, you see a shadow creep past the window next to you. You frantically and frightened search for a hiding spot as well as a sign of the horrid beast which haunt you, but as you turn around you stare directly into two large ferocious eyes attached to a horribly large black silhouette. You stand paralyzed by fear as the beast opens it wide mouth and fills your nostrils with the stench of burnt and rotten flesh, still unable to move you feel as it sinks its teeth into you and rips you apart, leaving nothing more than a few mangled limbs and bloodstained carpet behind. \u000a \u000a \u000a//Hereby ends the story, with the death of you. \u000aTry again and see if you can survive.// p226 sg20 (lp227 sg22 g23 ((I2013 I9 I3 I13 I42 I14 I1 I246 I1 tp228 (dp229 tp230 Rp231 sg28 g231 sg29 Vtime2 p232 sbsa(dp233 g12 I00 sg13 (lp234 F1009.3331585590357 aF101.62786254609132 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p235 (dp236 S'text' p237 V \u000a

The forest

\u000aThese old unforgiving woods tower all around the mansion in which we reside, they protect us from prying eyes as well as keeps us trapped in a shroud of darkness at night. Now it houses the beast that took St. John and haunts me. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|outside]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p238 sS'tags' p239 (lp240 sS'created' p241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I13 I42 I41 I2 I247 I1 tp242 (dp243 tp244 Rp245 sS'modified' p246 g245 sS'title' p247 Vwoods p248 sbsa(dp249 g12 I00 sg13 (lp250 F875.01184360675506 aF107.99583709540211 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p251 (dp252 g237 V \u000a

The Mansion

\u000aThe old mansion St. John and I occupy, it\u2019s located on a bleak and unfrequented moor. We bought it from a small family, they couldn\u2019t afford it anymore which resulted in the neglect of repairs around the house, it looks old and threatening surrounded by fog in the moonlight. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|outside]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p253 sg239 (lp254 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I13 I42 I44 I2 I247 I1 tp255 (dp256 tp257 Rp258 sg246 g258 sg247 Vmansion p259 sbsa(dp260 g12 I00 sg13 (lp261 F1448.8009547024158 aF345.81129925600629 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p262 (dp263 g237 V

The beast

\u000aThe beast is the single most frightening thing I have come to know about, it has feasted on my friend and housemate and now it haunts me. I fear for my life as long as this beast exists. \u000a \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|graveyard]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p264 sg239 (lp265 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I13 I45 I44 I2 I247 I1 tp266 (dp267 tp268 Rp269 sg246 g269 sg247 Vbeast p270 sbsa(dp271 g12 I00 sg13 (lp272 F1454.8921530057046 aF485.81129925600686 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p273 (dp274 g237 V

The grave

\u000aThe grave St. John and I found near the edge to the forest, we found the amulet down here, maybe if I return the amulet to the grave I can rid myself of the beast that haunts me? I just need something to dig up the grave with, I need the amulet too and I\u2019ll need the necronomicon to decipher these strange marking around the grave. \u000a \u000a<> \u000a* [[Dig up the grave and return the amulet|ending]] \u000a<> \u000a[[ęBack|graveyard]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p275 sg239 (lp276 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I13 I46 I29 I2 I247 I1 tp277 (dp278 tp279 Rp280 sg246 g280 sg247 Vgrave p281 sbsa(dp282 g12 I00 sg13 (lp283 F1535.1944987151053 aF838.6709279598515 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p284 (dp285 g237 V


\u000aThorny brown bushes completely stripped of leaves, I looked for something useful in between the old branches, but all I found in there was more thorns and an empty bird nest. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|backyard]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p286 sg239 (lp287 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I13 I48 I31 I2 I247 I1 tp288 (dp289 tp290 Rp291 sg246 g291 sg247 Vbushes p292 sbsa(dp293 g12 I00 sg13 (lp294 F1598.2030614609287 aF707.75242559348374 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p295 (dp296 g237 V


\u000aA shovel with a wooden grip and an iron head, it\u2019s the shovel St. John and I used to dig up, and rebury the grave with. I picked it up so I can dig up the grave when I need to. \u000a[[ęBack|backyard]] \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p297 sg239 (lp298 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I13 I49 I52 I2 I247 I1 tp299 (dp300 tp301 Rp302 sg246 g302 sg247 Vshovel p303 sbsa(dp304 g12 I00 sg13 (lp305 F376.05012276028367 aF137.09468450367493 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p306 (dp307 g237 V


\u000aA large table in the center of the room, it\u2019s designed to have large amounts of people surround it, and large quantities of food to be placed upon it. St. John and I never used it, making it fade in colour and fill with dust. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|dining]] \u000a<> \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p308 sg239 (lp309 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I13 I53 I6 I2 I247 I1 tp310 (dp311 tp312 Rp313 sg246 g313 sg247 Vtable p314 sbsa(dp315 g12 I00 sg13 (lp316 F29.5 aF342.50000000000011 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p317 (dp318 g237 V


\u000aThe thick dust is omnipresent in the room and covers every piece of furniture like a rug. No one has been in here for a long time. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|servant]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p319 sg239 (lp320 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I13 I54 I40 I2 I247 I1 tp321 (dp322 tp323 Rp324 sg246 g324 sg247 Vdust p325 sbsa(dp326 g12 I00 sg13 (lp327 F24.484800282785439 aF619.16666666666674 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p328 (dp329 g237 V


\u000aThe rats cower away and hide in the room\u2019s crevasses when I try to approach them, leaving the dark room in complete silence. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|servant]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p330 sg239 (lp331 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I13 I56 I19 I2 I247 I1 tp332 (dp333 tp334 Rp335 sg246 g335 sg247 Vrats p336 sbsa(dp337 g12 I00 sg13 (lp338 F1276.039472323208 aF1131.781055914644 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p339 (dp340 g237 V


\u000a<> \u000aA small cabinet with two drawers, both of these are empty except for the dust the lingers here. \u000a<> \u000aA small cabinet with two drawers, one of these is empty. The other one on the other hand contains a [[revolver]], I might need that to defend myself from the beast when I try to return the amulet. \u000a<> \u000a \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|hallway]] \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p341 sg239 (lp342 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I14 I3 I30 I2 I247 I1 tp343 (dp344 tp345 Rp346 sg246 g346 sg247 Vcabinet p347 sbsa(dp348 g12 I00 sg13 (lp349 F1268.4590540785127 aF1002.2240087640969 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p350 (dp351 g237 V \u000a


\u000aThe painting depicts 2 elderly figures eating soup. The lack of teeth from one of the elderly, mystifies his/her smile. I\u2019m not sure if it is meant to look happy, or insane... \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|hallway]] \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p352 sg239 (lp353 sg241 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I14 I4 I27 I2 I247 I1 tp354 (dp355 tp356 Rp357 sg246 g357 sg247 Vpainting p358 sbsa(dp359 g12 I00 sg13 (lp360 F1142.7668807223445 aF96.359569863164367 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p361 (dp362 S'text' p363 V<> \u000a//

Your time is up

// \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a \u000a


\u000aA sinister looking raven, it stares at me as if it wishes to steal my soul. Then again ravens often steal what does not belong to them, all they care about is to possess what they want. \u000a<> \u000a* [[Shoot the raven|shoot]] \u000a<> \u000a[[ęBack|outside]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// \u000a<> p364 sS'tags' p365 (lp366 sS'created' p367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I18 I16 I43 I2 I247 I1 tp368 (dp369 tp370 Rp371 sS'modified' p372 g371 sS'title' p373 Vraven p374 sbsa(dp375 g12 I00 sg13 (lp376 F1411.9469777306338 aF1135.7921320563053 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p377 (dp378 g363 V


\u000aI picked up the revolver, in case I need to shoot at something to defend myself. It lies heavy in my hand, but looks new since it has never been used. It\u2019s a sturdy chromed 6-shooter. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|cabinet]] \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p379 sg365 (lp380 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I18 I26 I13 I2 I247 I1 tp381 (dp382 tp383 Rp384 sg372 g384 sg373 Vrevolver p385 sbsa(dp386 g12 I00 sg13 (lp387 F961.46695058828868 aF1569.4807966175035 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p388 (dp389 g363 V


\u000aMy bed, it\u2019s a simple bed with a pillow, a bed sheet and a duvet. It\u2019s unmade. \u000a \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|myroom]] \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p390 sg365 (lp391 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I18 I29 I25 I2 I247 I1 tp392 (dp393 tp394 Rp395 sg372 g395 sg373 Vbed p396 sbsa(dp397 g12 I00 sg13 (lp398 F1107.7893259859575 aF1562.7533310819811 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p399 (dp400 g363 V


\u000aA candlestick made of iron, it holds a half burnt candle and has stains of wax running down its sides. \u000a \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|myroom]] \u000a \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p401 sg365 (lp402 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I18 I31 I58 I2 I247 I1 tp403 (dp404 tp405 Rp406 sg372 g406 sg373 Vcandlestick p407 sbsa(dp408 g12 I00 sg13 (lp409 F678.82219979295769 aF1561.4765548359576 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p410 (dp411 g363 V

The window to the backyard

\u000aMy window leads to the backyard, it\u2019s so dirty that I can\u2019t see anything down there even when the moon is as bright as it is today. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|myroom]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p412 sg365 (lp413 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I18 I32 I19 I2 I247 I1 tp414 (dp415 tp416 Rp417 sg372 g417 sg373 Vbackyardwindow p418 sbsa(dp419 g12 I00 sg13 (lp420 F818.8221997929578 aF1573.2496195231263 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p421 (dp422 g363 V


\u000aMy dresser, it holds most of my clothes except for the few pieces I am currently wearing. \u000a \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|myroom]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p423 sg365 (lp424 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I18 I34 I9 I2 I247 I1 tp425 (dp426 tp427 Rp428 sg372 g428 sg373 Vdresser p429 sbsa(dp430 g12 I00 sg13 (lp431 F1504.5616073672763 aF1560.8748089094229 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p432 (dp433 g363 V

The window to the forest

\u000aI\u2019ve never quite understood St. John\u2019s fondness of the forest, I for one would not be able to bear sleeping so close to the forest. \u000a \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|john]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p434 sg365 (lp435 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I18 I58 I34 I2 I247 I1 tp436 (dp437 tp438 Rp439 sg372 g439 sg373 Vforestwindow p440 sbsa(dp441 g12 I00 sg13 (lp442 F1369.9210983534936 aF1559.5980326633994 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p443 (dp444 g363 V

The chair

\u000aThe lone chair next to the table, it shows how much St. John enjoyed his own company when he studied the different artifacts he put up on the table. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|john]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p445 sg365 (lp446 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I18 I59 I45 I2 I247 I1 tp447 (dp448 tp449 Rp450 sg372 g450 sg373 Vchair p451 sbsa(dp452 g12 I00 sg13 (lp453 F1634.3792107607057 aF1389.7295278913939 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p454 (dp455 g363 V

The jade amulet

\u000aA green statuette of a vile sphinx with wings and a canine head. The jade amulet is about the size of my palm. There is something satanic about the horrifying amulet, that causes me to shiver a bit. We acquired this amulet during the graverobbing, and we have been haunted by the sounds of this creature ever since. I picked it up so that it can be returned to the grave from whence it came. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|john]] \u000a \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p456 sg365 (lp457 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I0 I15 I2 I247 I1 tp458 (dp459 tp460 Rp461 sg372 g461 sg373 Vjade amulet p462 sbsa(dp463 g12 I00 sg13 (lp464 F1643.1936328179681 aF1561.2798990472807 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p465 (dp466 g363 V

A small table

\u000aA small table St. John used to study items of interest on during the nights, he always was a little more into the grave robbing than me. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|john]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p467 sg365 (lp468 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I1 I36 I2 I247 I1 tp469 (dp470 tp471 Rp472 sg372 g472 sg373 Vsmall table p473 sbsa(dp474 g12 I00 sg13 (lp475 F913.25549156411682 aF723.78333857943392 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p476 (dp477 g363 V

The tables

\u000aSimple and small oak tables fills the room, probably bought by the family who lived here before us. They were never used by St. John and I, so now they stand covered in dust. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|livingroom]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p478 sg365 (lp479 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I11 I32 I2 I247 I1 tp480 (dp481 tp482 Rp483 sg372 g483 sg373 Vtables p484 sbsa(dp485 g12 I00 sg13 (lp486 F1055.9083730088446 aF767.31520877166906 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p487 (dp488 g363 V

The chairs

\u000aThese are clearly not the most expensive of chairs, they were most likely bought in a large quantity by the family who lived here before us. My best guess is that they were bought in case of company for tea or something. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|livingroom]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p489 sg365 (lp490 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I12 I27 I2 I247 I1 tp491 (dp492 tp493 Rp494 sg372 g494 sg373 Vchairs p495 sbsa(dp496 g12 I00 sg13 (lp497 F1057.0666531024922 aF893.13151587581228 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p498 (dp499 g363 V

The sofa

\u000aIt\u2019s a large worn out sofa, it belonged to the family who lived here before us. St. John and I hardly ever used it. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|livingroom]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p500 sg365 (lp501 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I12 I43 I2 I247 I1 tp502 (dp503 tp504 Rp505 sg372 g505 sg373 Vsofa p506 sbsa(dp507 g12 I00 sg13 (lp508 F105.24264403682213 aF844.72340106296417 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p509 (dp510 g363 V


\u000aStacks of books St. John and I used to read from time to time, most of them are of the occult, as that was a common interest of ours. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|study]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p511 sg365 (lp512 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I14 I39 I2 I247 I1 tp513 (dp514 tp515 Rp516 sg372 g516 sg373 Vbooks p517 sbsa(dp518 g12 I00 sg13 (lp519 F80.419738416461612 aF986.0001773089881 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p520 (dp521 g363 V


\u000aThe large soft chairs in which St. John and I used most of our time if we were not in the cellar, we used to read many books here, eat our meals here, but not anymore . . . poor St. John. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|study]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p522 sg365 (lp523 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I18 I37 I2 I247 I1 tp524 (dp525 tp526 Rp527 sg372 g527 sg373 Varmchairs p528 sbsa(dp529 g12 I00 sg13 (lp530 F52.233100028338761 aF1142.4137510099445 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p531 (dp532 g363 V


\u000aIn the fireplace rests the last embers of the fire I used to keep me company while I ate my supper earlier. The fireplace is made of solid stone, and a small iron fence to keep the logs from falling out. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|study]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p533 sg365 (lp534 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I18 I57 I2 I247 I1 tp535 (dp536 tp537 Rp538 sg372 g538 sg373 Vfireplace p539 sbsa(dp540 g12 I00 sg13 (lp541 F613.38411707401224 aF1197.0501731990655 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p542 (dp543 g363 V

Old door

\u000aThis old door is made of old wood and some bolts, nothing much to look at. St. John and I found it behind a bookcase after we moved in, it leads to the cellar. \u000a \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|library]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p544 sg365 (lp545 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I21 I0 I2 I247 I1 tp546 (dp547 tp548 Rp549 sg372 g549 sg373 Volddoor p550 sbsa(dp551 g12 I00 sg13 (lp552 F127.00106044538708 aF1561.9093319194033 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p553 (dp554 g363 V

Shrunken heads

\u000aThe jars are filled with a gel-like substance that preserves the decapitated heads from rotting. St. John had acquired two of them from travels to Peru, years ago. \u000a \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|cellar]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p555 sg365 (lp556 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I26 I34 I2 I247 I1 tp557 (dp558 tp559 Rp560 sg372 g560 sg373 Vjars with heads p561 sbsa(dp562 g12 I00 sg13 (lp563 F267.00106044538671 aF1561.9093319194033 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p564 (dp565 g363 V


\u000aThe skulls St. John and I have dug up during our time as grave robbers, it\u2019s a collection with a lot of variety, we have found skulls from newly buried infants as well as skulls from long forgotten adults. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|cellar]] \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p566 sg365 (lp567 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I28 I40 I2 I247 I1 tp568 (dp569 tp570 Rp571 sg372 g571 sg373 Vskulls p572 sbsa(dp573 g12 I00 sg13 (lp574 F407.00106044538683 aF1561.9093319194033 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p575 (dp576 g363 V


\u000aAn ancient book written by the mad Abdul Alhazred, bound in human skin, it holds tales of ancient beings from other realms, descriptions of spells and rituals, it even hold descriptions on the jade amulet we found in the grave as well as a short myth about the winged hound. \u000aI picked it up to be able to consult it as I rebury the amulet, making sure the evil spirit is put to rest. \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|cellar]] \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a//Time till midnight: <>:<>// p577 sg365 (lp578 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I29 I19 I2 I247 I1 tp579 (dp580 tp581 Rp582 sg372 g582 sg373 Vnecronomicon p583 sbsa(dp584 g12 I00 sg13 (lp585 F1139.4031479545708 aF225.19476873174139 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p586 (dp587 g363 V

Shoot the raven

\u000aAs I stare at the raven it suddenly caws and jumps off the roof, it swoops down the side of the building and flies directly towards me, in fear of it being possessed I draw my revolver and shoot it. It\u2019s dead body hits the ground and slides towards me as the last ounce of life leaves its body. \u000a \u000a<> \u000aI picked up the amulet, which it stole from me, when I was performing the ritual. I must get back, and quick! \u000a <> \u000a<> \u000a \u000a[[ęBack|outside]] \u000a<> \u000a<> \u000a<> p588 sg365 (lp589 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I36 I52 I2 I247 I1 tp590 (dp591 tp592 Rp593 sg372 g593 sg373 Vshoot p594 sbsa(dp595 g12 I00 sg13 (lp596 F1594.995212460778 aF481.50377009375853 asg15 (itiddlywiki Tiddler p597 (dp598 g363 V<> \u000a

The end

\u000aAs the amulet is put upon the skeletons in the graves chest, the distant growl of the hound fades slowly away, the dark clouds that had started to darken the sky turn brighter and let the moons soothing rays shine through them, even the fog lifts a bit more from all around you and the animals start rustling deep in the forest again. You step out of the grave with a sigh of relief and start covering it up. you feel the calm silently embrace you as you put the last patch of dirt back in place, knowing that the amulet rests again where it should. \u000a \u000a//Congratulations you have won the game.// \u000a<> \u000a

Oh no!

\u000aAs you try to place the amulet upon the skeletons chest, a raven flies down from the roof of the mansion and steals the amulet from your hand, It makes its way back on top of the house. That damned raven is going to get me killed! I must get the amulet back! <> \u000a<> \u000a* [[ęBack|grave]] \u000a<> p599 sg365 (lp600 sg367 g23 ((I2013 I9 I4 I19 I49 I26 I2 I247 I1 tp601 (dp602 tp603 Rp604 sg372 g604 sg373 Vending p605 sbsasS'scale' p606 F0.42546328419734797 ss.